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MidWest Designs LLC

You have the idea, we have the expertise

About Us

Founded in Ambition

MWD got it’s start when engineering and creativity were paired with an efficient manufacturing method: 3D printing

Mechanical Engineering, Top Notch Printing

Engineered Designs, Engineering grade Printers

We Keep Our Promise

We Value Your Business

Premium Quality

MWD has printed countless models, so getting it right is our second nature

Low Overhead

MWD does not charge a premium like larger 3D printing providers

Excellent Support

MWD will be in contact with you throughout your project

One Goal

Our Goal is your Goal

We will work as a team to accomplish the same goal. A highly engineered product


Engineering requires teamwork, and we know how to play as a team


Multiple iterations may be made until the model is perfect


Let’s innovate together