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Where Creativity meets Innovation

MidWest Designs LLC is all about bringing your creativity to life through expert mechanical design, CAD engineering and 3D printing

How We Help Small Businesses

Whatever stage you are in the design process, MWD can help


Development is What We Do


Low overhead and quick turnaround, MWD works with you one on one until you’re satisfied. NDAs available to protect your ideas


Accuracy is dependent on your manufacturing, or measuring method. From 0.0008″ to a fraction of an inch we will help decide what’s best for you to keep costs minimal


Mechanical Engineering is our foundation and expertise. We understand there is nothing better than seeing your idea come to life

Why Choose Us

We Value Our Solutions

Our work is our word, and vice versa. We will work with you until you have exactly the design you want

Engineering Grade

MWD utilizes the most current of engineering grade materials and practices to apply theory in Design

24/7 Support

MWD will be in contact with you throughout your project

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